Upbuilds offers a diversified investment opportunity with a tangible and solid assets that yields steady positive cash flows and returns. We  especializes and focuses on solid investment types such as raising capital on assets-back businesses, agricultural projects and income generating real estate properties. Unlike stocks, bonds and money market funds, solid investments is more than numbers changing on a computer screen, it is a not only tangible but also affordable and flexible. You can invest as low as PhP 10,000.00 and up to 10% of the total capital.

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Upbuilds is for everyone who wants to become an investor and participate in investment offerings that create financial security. We are open for the community, individuals as well as companies working together to benefit each other. We uses the latest technology to increased efficiency, reduce costs, and provide greater transparency to investors. We reinvent investing and make it simple directly online and through social media. We also ensures that all transactions is protected by full 256-bit encryption and that all personal and financial data is stored on secured database.

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Upbuilds in partnership with Matapat na Pagtutulungan Multipurpose Cooperative in compliance with rules of International Cooperative Aliance and Cooperative Development Authority of the Philippines is a business operated and democratically controlled by its members to meet their common needs and aspirations. We believe that the more we share, the more we gain. As with Cooperatives, we are guided by a set of seven principles that reinforces its commitment in developing a lasting partnerships with its investors. 

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Upbuilds.com - managed and operated by Matapat Na Pagtutulungan Multipurpose Cooperative (mnpcoop.comis a crowdfunding platform solution for raising capital and funding Filipino asset-back business projects. To share the benefits and risks of owning a portfolio of businesses, agricultural projects and property assets. Our vision is to create a global community of investors (especially OFWs) that will have a solid investments and can generate income. Our mission is to help each other within cooperative principles by saving and investing on projects or assets that will give a possitive return better than leaving the money in the bank.
Upbuilds.com is free to use and also provides necessary learning tools to be a successful entreprenuer and investor.

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